The Ironwood Story

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John Lewis (l) and Dee Lovelace (r) with John's  lab Muddy Waters among the Ironwood trees.

What is Ironwood, you ask?  Well, first it is a tree, the Eastern Swamp Privet (foresteria acuminata) found in The Delta along the Mississippi River levees where the land, so often flooded, is never cleared – where most things can’t grow. Like this Company, the Ironwood tree is strong and resilient, thriving for up to 250 years. Grab a handsaw. It can take an hour to cut through a tree branch the size of a Coca-Cola can. 

As lifelong friends and former business partners for eleven years, John Lewis and Dee Lovelace reunited to form Ironwood Payments. As past recipients of credit card industry awards for best customer service and customer retention, their goal now is to create the finest, most trustworthy credit card processing company in America. Their mission is to build a company, like a well-functioning family in good or rough times, for the enduring benefit of all—customers and staff alike. 

John and Dee’s mindset goes back to their childhoods when they played in that Mississippi River Delta region, the seventh largest river delta in the world – an area unlike any other. The Delta, the birthplace of the Blues, produced the likes of BB King, Muddy Waters, Muppets’ creator Jim Henson, the soulful voice of Morgan Freeman, and many think the best catfish anywhere. Just as the Blues was an outlet for people surviving in the roughest of times, The Delta’s hardy Ironwood trees represent the ability to thrive in conditions intolerable to most other species of trees. 

As playful youngsters, John and Dee appreciated the wonder of the Ironwood. They were close as their mothers were best friends all their lives. Those mothers instilled in their boys a sense of integrity and care for others. Seeds of lifetime support, bonded the two families whose roots run deep like the Ironwoods of The Delta.

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During the summer of 2015, John and Dee formed Ironwood Financial, LLC the parent company of Ironwood Payments. That same summer, Ironwood purchased the assets of a Nevada based company. With the asset purchase came its credit card processing operations in Salt Lake City, Utah, a friendly city surrounded by snow-capped peaks with the largest salt-lake in the western hemisphere. While operations continue in Salt Lake City, Ironwood’s new headquarters are in Oxford, Mississippi. The New York Times cited Oxford as one of the most desirable small towns in America to live, and its well known for Ole Miss, tailgating at The Grove, its Manning first family of football – Archie and Eli, novelist William Faulkner, John Grisham, and others. 

When Ironwood purchased the assets of the Nevada based company, John and Dee were unaware of underlying business changes that needed to take place. The new owners realized that the corporate culture and management practices previously established were broken.  First Annapolis, a highly respected payments industry consulting firm, has been engaged by John and Dee to provide an independent review of the Company’s strategy and best practices while offering objective insights and advisory services to enhance Ironwood’s sales and operational performance. 

As the two sole owners, John and Dee established a different course under their company, Ironwood. Changes include a focus on enhancing customer relations, discontinuing current sales of equipment leases, and maintaining an open book management style. The Ironwood company much like the Ironwood tree is deep-rooted sturdy, resilient to adverse conditions.

John and Dee seek to improve the customer experience at every opportunity. The credit card industry is complex and continuously evolving with the use of EMV chip cards, gift cards, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and EBT. If a company is looking for credit card payment advice and solutions to run its business more smoothly and affordably, Ironwood wants to know. Its Business Solutions Advisors will review the company’s needs, assess appropriate solutions, and develop a tailor-made proposal featuring a comparative pricing savings analysis.  Ironwood provides a range of equipment options for purchase or rental.  The company offers highly competitive pricing without gimmicks and billing statements that customers actually understand. 

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Throughout the span of the customer relationship, Ironwood’s Business Solutions Advisors remain in touch with each customer to ensure continued satisfaction. In times of need, customers are also supported by dedicated staff you can actually speak with right here in the U.S.  There’s live help when it’s needed - fast. 

Customers are treated with respect and its staff attends to every customer need.  Ironwood is eager to listen and to help. If a customer feels dissatisfied or needs help at any time, simply call 844-4IWPMTS (844-449-7687) or contact Ironwood by e-mail at customerservice [at] iwpmts [dot] com. The buck stops with John and Dee.  They stand by their commitments.  Integrity, transparency, and teamwork – these are the core principles of Ironwood’s corporate culture. 

If someone is seeking a career change, Ironwood welcomes you.  It may just be the right fit.  One that supports its staff with training and tools focused on great customer service as well as supporting employees to achieve their goals. 

Ironwood’s drive is to always do the right thing. Every day the company is endeavoring to improve its business and is committed to stand strong like its namesake the Ironwood tree. It appreciates its customers and staff and invites everyone to follow its renaissance, growth, and service.

Ironwood - Strength through Integrity™

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