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IMPACT was formed by Ironwood, a national credit card and payments processing company, to help organizations raise funds effectively by offering a portion of its profits. IMPACT understands the financial challenges of organizations that rely heavily on donations and exists to make a lasting difference for our communities.

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IMPACT by Ironwood is proud to partner with the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation.

Business owners, you can contribute to the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation without spending an extra dime.

If you accept debit and credit cards, you can support Ole Miss Athletics by processing your payments through IMPACT by Ironwood. Every time a customer pays with a debit or credit card, IMPACT donates a portion of its processing profits to the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation. 

Benefits of becoming an IMPACT Sponsor Business

  • It's a way to support the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation without spending addional out-of-pocket funds.
  • You have the ability to increase your donor priority points with the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation. 
  • In addition to recognition through the IMPACT program, you will have access to exclusive advertising packages.
  • You will also receive additional IMPACT perks with the Ole MIss Athletics Foundation.
  • IMPACT has a dedicated sales and customer service team in place to provide personalized service to its IMPACT - Ole Miss customers.
  • IMPACT provides top-tier payment processing to businesses across the country. 
  • IMPACT offers a lifetime guarantee that allows businesses to join IMPACT with no risk. 

For more information on becoming an IMPACT Sponsor Business, click the CONTACT US button below.

IMPACT is a division of Ironwood Strategic, LLC.

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