IMPACT's Ironclad Guarantee

Introducing a guarantee that truly gives you peace of mind and includes:

  • Lifetime, 100% risk-free. 
  • You may cancel your service for any reason and all guarantee offers apply during the length of our business relationship.
  • Your termination fee will be waived, and you will not pay any termination fees or penalties whatsoever if you cancel.
  • Your lifetime guarantee starts on the first day that you start processing with Ironwood. 
  • The guarantee applies to all equipment purchases and rentals. 
  • You may keep all purchased equipment. As an alternative, you may elect to return the equipment and Ironwood will reimburse you for your purchases. 
  • For equipment rentals, we’ll coordinate the pick-up and return of the equipment and your remaining equipment rental payments are no longer due.
  • Ironwood will make arrangements to pick up your equipment, and you will not pay freight charges for the returned equipment. 
  • If you have rented equipment, your rental payments must be current and in good standing for the guarantee to remain in effect. 
  • You must provide a written notice to Ironwood to cancel service and provide Ironwood with an opportunity to contact you to resolve any issues that you may have encountered with Ironwood. Effective for all agreements signed on or after January 1, 2017.
  • All point-of-sale (POS) systems including any related software, hardware, set up and maintenance fees are excluded from the Ironclad Guarantee. 
  • In the event you transition your credit card processing with any former Ironwood sales representative, all of the terms of the Ironclad Guarantee will be null and void. 
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