3 Types of Holiday Shoppers

Ten days left in our Countdown to Christmas. Time to target the 3 types of shoppers: Last minute shoppers, Bargain Shoppers, and Busy Shoppers

The Last Minute Shopper is scrambling to finish their Christmas list. Although they are looking for the best deal, they are pressed for time and will sometimes go with convenience versus a higher savings. Small businesses have an advantage over bigger merchants, because they are more flexible and can be more aggressive in their sales campaigns. Now is the time to discount the products that have been moving slowly off the shelves or any products that have a slight overage in inventory for over purchasing. 

Small businesses rely on their locals to keep their business going. Their customers sometimes prefer their store versus a big merchant. This is definitely an opportunity to remind them why they go to their store.  Announce through posts, all of the Last Minute Shopping deals in addition to the new extended hours. Offer your repeat customers a discount off their total order or a gift card for spending as a gift with purchase. 

Bargain Shoppers try to complete their shopping at the store that offers the most in discounts.  Researching your competitors and their offers, will keep you on track. Use the data you collect to set the price and offer a price match guarantee. The guarantee ensures that the customer will go to their store first.

Last, but not least, The busy shopper. The busy shopper still has a list they have to fulfill.  The challenge is they have to go to work during the day. Balancing between work and spending time with family doesn't allow for a lot if time to physically go shopping. The flexibility to be able to shop online after the family goes to sleep is priceless.  Online purchases have significantly increased over the years making it a necessity to have this option available to your customers.

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